• 1950's Desk Lamp called Bluto
    1950's Desk Lamp called Bluto $110.00

    This is a brown lamp, with a KA sticker on it that could probably be removed with rubbing alcohol

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  • Saw lamp named Harrison
    Saw lamp named Harrison $145.00

    This is a 1960's saw blade that I convinced to become a lamp for you.

    Fun fact: Harrison Ford was a carpenter before becoming a famous archeologist that found the Holy Grail.

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  • Art Deco, 1920's Desk Lamp
    Art Deco, 1920's Desk Lamp $275.00

    This lamp was found at a flea market. Over 30 hours of polishing and waxing have removed 60 years of tarnish, grime, dirt and oil.


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  • Mid-Century Desk Lamp
    Mid-Century Desk Lamp $85.00

    Purchased from a flea market in Callaway Florida, this mid-century desk lamp has been rewired and ready for your desk.

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