• 1950's Desk Lamp called "D.Draper"
    1950's Desk Lamp called "D.Draper" $110.00

    This lamp will allow you to pretend to be Don Draper. Of course you're probably not very good looking and you don't have the respect of your peers but hey, now you have a cool lamp on your desk.

    This is a 1950's desk lamp and you're going to feel awesome when you click the "buy now" button.

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  • Double Goose Neck 1950's Lamp - The "John Wayne"
    Double Goose Neck 1950's Lamp - The "John Wayne" $125.00

    This lamp was saved from being scraped in a junk yard. Someone painted it green and it was pretty terrible. But don't worry, I saved it for you, so you can buy it now.

    FYI: I call this lamp "John Wayne" because I can imagine this lamp sitting on the desk of someone cool and powerful in the 1950's.

    Fun Fact: John Wayne was in 168 movies and this doesn't count is TV appearances. Crazy right?

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  • Saw lamp named Harrison
    Saw lamp named Harrison $145.00

    This is a 1960's saw blade that I convinced to become a lamp for you.

    Fun fact: Harrison Ford was a carpenter before becoming a famous archeologist that found the Holy Grail.

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  • Sold Out Mr. Reynolds Desk Lamp
    Mr. Reynolds Desk Lamp $115.00

    This is a desk lamp, goose neck portion with a variety of other random finds. The top part is some sort of industrial filter I cleaned out.

    I felt like calling this Mr. Reynolds because it feels like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit...kinda classy, kinda "dirty", but clever.

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  • Sold Out Charlie Lang Desk Lamp
    Charlie Lang Desk Lamp $125.00

    This lamp is about 21 inches tall, could work as a small table lamp or desk lamp.

    It's made from a bicycle sprocket, copper pipe, a heavy duty spring and some cog type thing for the base. It weighs about 6 pounds, probably could used as a weapon to kill zombies if needed.

    PS: I don't know why I want to call this lamp Charlie Lang, who is a character from the HBO series True Detective, but it feels right.

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  • Art Deco, 1920's Desk Lamp
    Art Deco, 1920's Desk Lamp $275.00

    This lamp was found at a flea market. Over 30 hours of polishing and waxing have removed 60 years of tarnish, grime, dirt and oil.


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  • Mid-Century Desk Lamp
    Mid-Century Desk Lamp $85.00

    Purchased from a flea market in Callaway Florida, this mid-century desk lamp has been rewired and ready for your desk.

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